Wedding Gifts
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Jewish Wedding Gifts And Signing The Ketubah Jewish lifestyle is full of celebrations like wedding, birthday, Bat-mitzvah or Bar-mitzvah etc. In case of jewish wedding gifts, it is really hard to choose present as it is a combine gift for bride and groom. Exchanging gifts are the vital part for any kind of festival as gift carries very strong emotional values. Wedding needs huge preparation starting from decorating wedding stage to choosing gifts. Every custom in wedding consists of special holy meaning. Wedding will be more enjoyable to you if you properly understand the meaning of every customs. With spring comes, most of the people take the advantages of this great weather as it is an amazing time for getting married. The marriage Canopy: Like well crafted jewish wedding gifts, the Wedding Canopy is the vital part of wedding ceremony which is often known as Chuppah. The Chuppah is nothing but a piece of cloth placed over four poles, that has great symbolic meaning. It stands for the new Jewish home which both the groom and bride will create together. Apart from symbolic meaning, it holds sentimental value as it was crafted by bride. Breaking A Glass By Groom: Smashing a glass by the groom is one of the essential custom. For safety, the grass is wrapped by cloth. In order to remind the groom and bride about their heritage, this ceremony is included in wedding. Signing marriage contract: Signing of the Ketubah is one of the indispensable part of nuptial. The Ketubah is an attractively adorned document (To protect the rights of the wife and children) that spells out the wedding contract between the groom and bride that includes what sort of assist the groom would be needed to ply for his spouse and forthcoming children if he were to break up the marriage. Last but not the least is jewish wedding gifts that has to be special and uniquely designed.
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